Privacy Policy

Updated 11/12/21

About Us

At MoonStar Interactive, our apps are made specifically for adults.


There are no third-party advertising in our apps. We do, however, cross-promote our applications. The advertisements on our website are curated by, and we do not profit from these advertisements and have no affiliation with the products, or companies, advertised.

Third Party Providers

Our website utilizes services provided by

Email Collection

The email address you provide on our website is used for promotional emails. This data is not sold or shared.

Automated Data Collection

We collect data concerning the usage of our website. This data is collected by No personal data is collected beyond IP address and usage information regarding the navigation through our website pages.

App Data

We do collect data related to the install and usage statistics of our applications. This data is collected by Apple, Inc and Google Play Console. We do not collect personal data regarding installs, or usage. We only have access to broad data regarding the numbers of installs, and other non-specific data which is curated by Apple Inc. and Google Play Console, and presented to developers in the analytics section of each respective developer portal.